Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snip Snip...

Isaiah finally had his surgery yesterday to finish his circumcision. He is 6 months old.

When he was just under 2 weeks old we had a scheduled appointment with the Family doctor, here in Belding, to have him circumcised under Dan's wishes.
To make a long story short... the completely unorganized doctor began the procedure only to stop halfway through to inform us that he did not have the proper tools to finish the job. With tears rolling down my face, and my poor newborn screaming at the top of his lungs he proceeded to tell us that he would order the correct tools and would see us the next week for a follow-up appointment. It was awful, to say the least! I still question whether he had any heart in him at all! To begin with, no mother wants to see their baby completely strapped down, and cut like that for no good reason! I could go on and on about how horrible it was... but i'll fast forward a bit.

I quickly found a new doctor, whom i like very much. He referred us to a Urologic Consultant... who refers to himself as the "Penis R' Us"  :-)
We had a consultation, a Pre-Op, and finally his surgery. In all, It went very well. The doctors and nurses were all very thorough, and left us with absolutely no questions unanswered. We were a bit rushed because there was a cancellation before us, so they wanted us in as soon as possible. After meeting with the Nurse, Nurse's assistant, Doctor, Surgeon, Surgeon's assistant, and finally the Anesthesiologist I finally had to hand Isaiah over. Most unknown faces tend to make Isaiah uncomfortable and quite sensitive. His eyes turn all red, he puffs out his cheeks, gets the biggest pouty lip, and finally breaks into the saddest little cry.
With my hands a bit trembly I gave my baby a kiss, and handed him over to the Anesthesiologist. It is not often that i am away from Isaiah, and not at all with him in a strangers hands. I kept my smile and tried to make Isaiah feel as if it was completely normal. As they started walking down the hallway Isaiah kept his eyes locked on me, and then finally looked away when he was kissed on the cheek by his carrier. What a brave little boy, i am so proud of him! I thought I would keep it together, but as soon as I stepped out of the waiting room I burst into tears.

(I have a lot of respect for women who have to do this with their children on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. They have so much strength to be constantly torn like that. I pray to God that I never have to go through those kinds of trials.)

They put Isaiah out, gave him an IV and a breathing tube. :-(  Oh. how i am not a big fan of hospitals.
I was hoping that they would bring me back before he woke up, but sadly they didn't. I could hear him crying as soon as we went into the recovery room. It was a room full of patients lying in their beds. Poor Isaiah had drowned them all out with his cries. The nurse was holding him and trying to calm him down. She handed him to me, and he was completely overwhelmed, in pain.... i had yet to see him in that distraught of a state. My heart broke.  After he refused to breast feed they gave him some Morphine to get him to relax.
I held him for a long time, and they continued to monitor him. We moved to another room, and i fed him some Glucose water so that he would start to come-to. They encouraged me not to breast feed him because it might make him sick, so i had to pump. After a long day, some very hungry bellies and tired eyes, they removed his IV and monitor, and gave us the discharge papers. It was so nice to go home. The 3 of us cuddled on the couch and watched a very sad movie that helped in releasing all of my tears. :-)

So its finally over, and i am hoping for a very quick recovery for my little one.

In the waiting room before his procedure. He was a bit unsure of all that was going on.
His crib looked like a jail cell!

Making a funny face in his "coma"

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  1. aw girl! I am so sorry you had to go through that :'( You are such a great, and brave mommy, I don't know how I would have managed!! I am understanding more and more, how pure a mothers love is though! :-) What sad movie did you watch?? I am SO glad it is all over for you though!! :-)