Saturday, January 9, 2010


Last night Isaiah finally rolled over from his back onto his tummy! He made it look so easy. I cheered for him and he started to laugh as if he understood his great accomplishment. I am so proud of him!
I just love his little personality, and how happy he always seems to be. When we are at home he becomes so active, as all little boys should be. When we are out and about he tends to be more withdrawn and busies himself by "blowing raspberries" or smacking his lips. I'm glad that he is so easily amused. It makes it for a very pleasant experience whenever we go out together. I just love my little bundle of fun!

On top of rolling over last night, he has also been teething for a while now. My poor little guy gets so cuddly when he is in pain. Today when i was at the health food store i picked up some all natural Teething Pellets. When we got home i decided to try them out, and when i was rubbing it onto his gums.. i felt it! His very first tooth! I couldn't believe it! You can even see it beginning to emerge! I know, i know... your probably thinking "its just a tooth", but its just been so amazing to me to be able to witness a life changing so fast before my eyes. The love i feel for Isaiah is so natural to me that i can't help but be ecstatic over his little accomplishments. Besides, who wouldn't want someone cheering for them every step of the way?
After dinner, and his bath he is now sound asleep... and i am hoping he gets a good nights rest, for both our sakes. Being a mommy may be fun, but it sure is hard work as well!


Just for laughs!

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