Friday, December 20, 2013

Blessings And Struggles

         We have been living in our new house for just over 2 months now. It was surprising to me how quickly we all adjusted. I feel as though i have barely even thought of our old house. Isaiah will mention it every once in a while; referring to an event that took place there, or the possibility of one of his toys being left there, when he cannot find what he is looking for. Nothing to heartbreaking....
We were able to spend quite a bit of time here before moving in, which in turn, made the entrance of all our possessions feel quite natural. Unpacking has also been very easy and quick. I still have some cupboards and closet spaces that i would like to rearrange or organize, but that will happen....when it happens.
I am loving the colors that we chose to paint the walls with, and they have been one of the most helpful tools in keeping this stay-at-home-mom from getting cabin fever. Our living area is so bright and cheery and spacious compared to our last house.

 I can't even begin to express how much of a blessing this house is, and will be to us, as a family. I love to have friends and family over, but never felt as comfortable doing that at our last house as i do here. The layout is much more open and we are even able to have our table fully extended with plenty of room all around. Dan and i are eager to live more in community with those around us, and to learn how to make people feel more "at home" in our house. We have been entering into some amazing relationships with people in our area (finally), and i look forward to having an "open door" to them. It feels so nice to be grounding ourselves here, in this community. We have lived in Belding for over 6 years now, and have had the hopes of leaving, but God has certainly changed our hearts on that matter!

The most difficult part about this move has been our health. Oh man, has it been frustrating! I try incredibly hard, to do what i can, to keep my family healthy and nourished. I have spent much time researching, reading and acquiring information, on what it is that would best keep MY family in tip-top shape. So it has come as a big hammer on the head when we have spent the last 2 months fighting sickness. It has literally been one thing after another. Just when one of us is recovering from a cold, another gets the flu...etc..! We have experienced so many different types of sickness' in such a short period of time. Ezra seems to be getting the worst of everything, followed by me. I keep hearing that it is fairly normal to get sick after moving into a new house. It is a new environment and your body doesn't have the chance for a rest, like you would get when you return home to your own germs. Not to mention the time of year we are in. It makes sense to me, but doesn't make it any better.

I do blame myself for a lot of it though. During the move, we completely failed when it came to eating healthy meals. It was all quick and easy junk, amid our busy schedule. We spent many late nights prepping and painting as soon as Dan would get home from work. As anyone who has moved would know, its a tough job, i don't need to explain it. Something i know for next time, is that i will be most definitely making meals ahead of time that i can easily heat up in the oven or put in the crock-pot. Lovely hindsight.

Another challenge, that i had to face last month, was my Dad having a heart attack. I experienced so many emotions that week, which were all very hard to process. Inwardly and outwardly i was a wreck. I spent quite a few days whipping tears away, and casting all my burdens upon HIM. The Sunday following his hospitalization we had communion at church. It was incredibly comforting, emotional and timely. I am so thankful for HIS Peace that surpasses my understanding and HIS mercy in sustaining life.
My Dad is doing well, if you are wondering, and adjusting to the changes he has experienced.

Sorry that this post may seem a little all over the place.... i do have the excuse of having just recovered from the flu, myself. As well as the fact that i just typed this out with one hand, as i have a sick little guy sleeping on me at the moment.

Until next time....