Monday, April 11, 2011

2 weeks...

I recently spent 2 weeks at my moms while she was gone on vacation. It was nice to be in Grand Rapids for that long, but i was ready to go home by the time she got back. Isaiah did well and stayed busy in such a large house. There seems to be very few quiet moments at her house which i have realized is very comfortable to me. I love always having someone around to talk to. I guess i could blame it on growing up in a larger family. Isaiah has only known the 3 of us... and for the majority of the time it is just the 2 of us... so he definitely needed his down time.
He loved having people around to constantly play with him though. Every time someone had to leave he would run to the front window to watch them drive away. It was so cute! I was always finding him just sitting on the window crank watching the cars drive by. haha!
I have been working on a few projects lately that are turning out very nicely, and i cannot wait to finish them!... (more info and pics will come later)  But of course while i was staying at my moms i decided that i might as well work on something that she needs done around the house. She has a front sitting room that is SO dated! It had awful wallpaper that was put up by the previous owners, and it needed to come down!
So Again between my brother Seth and a little help from my sister Heather we flipped the room. It looks amazing, and unlike before, people are now actually sitting in the room. I have taken 'before' pictures, but not 'after' photos yet, so i can't post anything yet.
I have to say it was a pretty exhausting job though. By the end of every day i was falling asleep with Isaiah.

Being in Grand Rapids makes it so much easier to run errands and spend time with the ones i love most, it really is wonderful, and it made me look forward to the day that we can move closer.

Here's a few photos of my time there.... ok, maybe a lot haha!

I grew up with this piano and my sentimental heart cried when its new owners came to pick it up :-(

We made some yummy Martinis to celebrate and had some lovely girl time.

The first thing he did one morning was pull out all the pans. I love how he hung the lids on the doors haha!

Going for a Wagon Ride.

I put a little makeup on them because i'm there Aunt and i get to spoil them! :-D

I ♥ Organic Chocolate Almond milk

My first french braid...