Thursday, March 3, 2011

Winter Update!

This winter has felt never ending at times. I have had craving after craving of some summer sun, laundry lines, tan lines, and feeling the grass between my toes.Yes, it sounds marvelous, but the snow just keeps on coming... so until then, this is my Winter Update since my lazy fingers haven't blogged in forever!

Where to begin...?

I enjoyed a lovely day out with my mom in January. We visited the Princess Diana Exhibit, and i left with a heart filled with admiration for who she was. Diana did so much with her short life, and worked hard to change the stigmas of the sick and needy. It was inspiring to say the least and recommend taking the time to check it out. We followed the event with dinner at Olive Garden... it was delicious! It's not too often that i get to eat out and spend some quality one on one time with my Mom.

My beautiful mom, and our "feel good" drinks!

What else?...
My Birthday! The first thing i did after i put Isaiah down for a nap was dig out my car after that huge Blizzard we had! Then i ran off for a much needed coffee date with my Mandy!! She gave me some very sweet presents, but most of all it was just great to see her face! :-D
I spent the rest of the day at my moms with most of my siblings, and Dan met me there after he got out of work. He showed up with 2 very fattening cakes, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and the most recent Nicholas Sparks book "Safe Haven".  He was so thoughtful! He knows how much i like Spark books, and i hadn't even heard about his latest book yet... so it felt good that Dan knew what i wanted before I even knew what i wanted. All in all, it was a good day! (....besides the fact that i'm getting older haha.)
I'm normally not a Rose fan, but i love the way they are mixed with the other flowers! Good job Hubby!

Valentines Day!!
Dan and i had a lovely date on Valentines Day. He arranged for Grandma Julie and Aunt Christy to watch Isaiah, and we headed out to Grand Rapids. He had plans to take me to Little Africa, our favorite restaurant... but when we showed up the lights were off. They looked completely empty, like they were permanently closed! It made us very sad for about 15 minutes, but then we decided to drive in search of a new favorite restaurant. After about an hour and a half of driving ALL around Grand Rapids we ended up in Cascade at the Mediterranean Grill. By that time we were starved and i thought my stomach was slowly caving in! The wind swept us from our car to the front door and we walked inside the little family owned Lebanese restaurant. The sweet owner/cook helped us order what we thought we wanted since i had no idea how to pronounce anything in the menu. haha.
The food was AMAZING! We were raving about it all night long... and still are! We have been dying to go back ever since that night! I don't know if it was just because we were so hungry or if it was really good food... i am thinking it was the latter.
Anyways, it wasn't the food, or the fact that it was V-Day, or the pretty pink dress i was wearing that made the night so wonderful. It was spending some much needed date time with my husband. He is the one person in my life that i am so incredibly goofy around. We were laughing pretty much the whole time we were out and it felt sooo good! He fills my heart in a way that no one else ever has and knows exactly how to handle my delicate-ness and also my goofy-ness. He is my Heart Mate.
My good lookin man!

i was putting on my coat... that's why i look kinda weird. haha
February 23...
...marked one whole year since my gallbladder surgery. I can't believe it has been that long already! It may seem like a silly thing to mention, but it felt like such a big deal to me. I remember being so nervous leading up to that day and going back and forth between choosing to go through with surgery or remaining on a Fat Free diet for the rest of my life. After 7 months of hardly being able to eat anything and feeling so tired and weak i decided that surgery would be the best answer. It was nerve wrecking to have to leave Isaiah for an entire day and not be able to be there for him if he needed me. It helped that i wasn't able to remember those long hours. :-)
God blessed me with a wonderful surgeon and a team of specialists who all made me feel so comfortable... but i'm glad its done and over with!

Nursing Isaiah for the last time that day.... :-(
He kept me smiling until he had to leave.

So that's it for now! I definitely have more to say... but this has been a long post. Check back for more soon! Have a lovely day!