Thursday, July 19, 2012

To my 3 year old.

What a beautiful morning it was the day that you were born. Peaceful, happy and exciting. You brought tears of joy to your daddy and i the moment we first saw you. Thinking about those first moments still brings tears of joy to my face. There are few people in this world that i am In Love With, and you, my Isaiah Paul, are one of them.
If i could give you one word that embodies your character it would be 'passion'.
You play with a passion.
You run with a passion.
You dance and sing with a passion.
You talk with a passion.
You hug and kiss with passion.
You love with a passion.
Your an "all or nothing" kind of boy.
People remark a lot on how you always seem to never be without a smile, and although you are not perfect, you certainly radiate happiness. Even if i am having a horrible and impatient day, you somehow remain steadfast.
I love that you wear your heart on your sleeve but yet show much self control when i know it is in you to be impulsive. You are a leader, but you know when to follow. You are independent yet still rely so comfortably on me. You are a listener and you take the time to think about what others are saying. You are so aware of the world around you. You are unique and it saddens me when others don't see you as i do.

This past year has been full of changes and excitement:
You pretty much taught yourself how to go diaper free right after you turned 2 which left me a very happy mama.

You learned how to become a big brother. It all started with helping our Midwife check the babies heartbeat while it was growing inside my tummy and helping me through my labor. You were there with us when we welcomed baby Ezra into our home and right away you assigned him is very own car.
You learned how to share a mommy and daddy that was all your own with a new baby and have done an amazing job so far. You are so sweet with Ezra that it absolutely melts my heart. I love to spy on you when your in the room alone with him and he begins to whimper. You get real close and say in a soft high pitched voice "Its okay Ezwa, don't cry Ezwa. Be happy, don't worry." You are so patient. I love seeing the endearment on your face when you are talking to Ezra. You are such a good big brother.

You are in LOVE with Cars. You are Obsessed with cars!! You play with cars every day, all day long. You love watching anything having to do with cars. You bring the cars to the potty, in the car, to the store, on our walks.... you sleep with cars. You talk about cars, fast cars, big cars, little cars. You will be in the middle of a sentence and see a car and exclaim, "Fast Car!" I have no idea what your going to be when you grow up, but i wont be one bit surprised if it has to do with cars.

You are learning about God. Its amazing to hear you talk to God and ask me if we can pray. Your still trying to figure Him out and have asked where He is, but you still continue to talk to Him. I can't wait for the day that you realize all that He has done for You!

You are 3.... 2 is gone. Although i fight the urge to ball my eyes out every single time i think about it, and although i know my heart is going to break with every birthday that comes and goes it will also be filled with so much of your contagious joy, because i am incredibly blessed to be your mother.

I love you Isaiah Paul.... "So Much".