Friday, October 22, 2010

Toot Away!

Tonight as i was changing Isaiah into his night time diaper and Pj's, something amazing happened.....!

He discovered how to TOOT.

I am cracking up as i write this....

He was laying very still, which is quite unusual for him. I noticed a very concentrated look upon his face and i quickly grabbed his diaper thinking he was about to... poo. Nope! Out came a tiny toot.
His eyes jolted up at me to see my reaction and must have seen a look of relief. A very large smile jumped on his face.
Then he concentrated once again and out came a larger TOOT. This time he broke into laughter, and so began his new game!
I had no idea such a little boy could toot that many times, he just went on and on and on. I couldn't help but join him in laughing. Only a mother would think something like that is cute. We were both laughing so hard. I wanted so badly to be able to video tape it, but alas, the best memories are meant for our minds! I am hoping that this new found experience doesn't join us for our nightly routine.
Isaiah is ALL boy, but he is only HALF mine.... the other half is from his daddy, and for this i blame him! hahaha!

I ♥ Family Time.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stay a While.

This month seems to be busier than any other month this year.
My mom went away on a long overdue vacation and while she was gone i manned her house. She has an Adult Foster Care home and i am licensed to care for them. My goodness though, does she do a lot! I felt like i was in the kitchen ALL DAY long! It was good though to spend some time with my family.
The very next week my oldest sister, Sarah, had surgery to have Cochlear Implants. If you are unfamiliar with what that is..... she is deaf, and now she will be able to hear! Its amazing the things that God has made man to be able to create! She has waited 30 years for this, so it is a pretty exciting time for her and all of us. She has a 4 year old daughter, Annaka, whom she asked me to watch during her recovery.
What was supposed to be a couple days turned into almost 2 weeks. Which i didn't mind at all! She is such a great little girl, and it was wonderful getting to know her even more. I am the proudest Aunt, and it made my Auntie Heart grow even larger.
October is also the birthday month for my family. My niece Leah, my nephew Gracin, my dad, and it is actually Dan's 26th birthday today!
I am currently waiting on him to arrive home and Isaiah is eating dinner... so i thought i would quick make a blog post.
We also had a wedding... my friend Pokey got married this month as well! What a great month to get married ;-)
Our Anniversary is in 1 week!! We are still trying to figure out what we would like to do.... we found a gorgeous hotel....Betsie Bay Inn, up in Frankfort that we are dying to try out! We just don't know about leaving Isaiah, and we would prefer to not spend a ton of $$, we. will. see.

On the home front not much has changed. My bathroom project has been put on hold due to my time limits. Dan is going on a Men's Getaway with our church this weekend, so i am hoping to surprise him with it finished by the time he gets home. Once again, we will see.
Lately, i have just been dying to get back into making jewelry. I love to do it, so why don't i do it more often? I have been so inspired lately by things that i have seen, and i want to let it run through me. Sometimes it feels like passion can run into my heart and run right out within a minute.
Please wont you come stay a while?

A morning with my Niece Annaka

Isaiah's playmates.

He can't get enough of the outdoors

Snuggling into me...and into my heart.

More kisses ♥