Thursday, January 7, 2010


This past month seems to be going by a lot slower than the previous 4 months. Which is strange because its been filled to the rim with the Holidays. It just seems to me that Isaiah has been 5 months old for a while now, and i don't want it to end. There is a strange feeling inside me that does not anticipate him turning 6 months. It means half a year has gone by since that beautiful day that he came into this world. On top of that, it is only 6 months away that he will be turning one. How quickly time flies when you only want it to slow down. It always bothers me when people say things like that. "You'll blink and he will be going off to college" "Tomorrow you'll wake up and he will already be 5" "Time slips away from you when you start having kids".... 

I just don't want to forget anything. I wish so badly that i could go back to certain days and moments that i shared with Isaiah. I know he wont remember them, so i feel an even bigger need to remember them myself. Somehow pictures and video's don't seem enough at times. I want to be able to feel his tiny body floating in my arms, and his head resting so carelessly on my chest when he was first born. 
I can see now why some people choose to have lots of children. For many reasons i'm sure, but one of them is most likely to feel that awesome wonder and amazement the day your precious child joins you for the first time, grasps your finger with his frail ones, or lets out that first tiny shout of joy. How amazing God is to create such a miracle!

Isaiah has been the most overwhelming gift God has ever given me. Isaiah is full of contagious joy and curiosity. I don't think i could ever ask anything more from God.

Honestly though i feel so grateful to have such an easy and well tempered baby. He can be a little shy, which i'm sure he got from me, but i know that he is constantly taking the world in, and exploring things with his eyes. He has given me so much happiness! 

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