Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Toddler bed!

About a week ago i found an awesome deal on a toddler bed, and an Organic mattress. I was thrilled! Isaiah's crib doesn't change into a toddler bed, so i knew i had to find something. This toddler bed was exactly what i had been looking for. On Sunday evening i took down Isaiah's crib and put his new bed up in his room. It is soo cute! It's so tiny, and makes his room feel larger, which could never hurt. He seems to have fallen in love with it as much as i have, and didn't act fazed at all that his crib was gone.
So i got him ready to go "Ni-night" and we curled up in his little bed. I couldn't help but watch him as he slept, and a little part of me was sad as i left his room that night. I am so proud of Isaiah and how independent he has always been. I feel as if he has led his own way in taking the next steps in infancy and toddler-hood, which are small ways of giving me confidence about his future.
Anyways, Sunday night Isaiah slept until 5:30, but last night he slept all through the night! It was amazing! There have only been about a dozen times that Isaiah has naturally slept through the night on his own since he was born, but i have always been confident that he would begin when he was ready. Hopefully last night was the beginning of something lovely. :-D
If not, oh well, he is sleeping in a toddler bed, and i am so proud of my little guy. He is only 21 months old, and still nursing, and so if he wants some liquid gold in the middle of the night, that is perfectly fine with me.

So happy!

He was telling Bear that he needed to go Ni-night.

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  1. How awesome! Dom will sleep through the night everywhere but at home. He wants to be in bed with mommy and daddy at home. As much as I would prefer to not share our bed with him, its nice that he wants to cuddle mommy so much, he won't be that way forever! :) Dom quit nursing at 13 months, he just gave it up and refused it! I hope to nurse Alanna as long as she wants as well! You are such an awesome mommy!