Monday, August 30, 2010

Our 1st Family Camping Trip

For a while now Dan and i have wanted to go camping. The last time we went was 16 days before Isaiah was born, and i was huge to say the least. I have been curious to see how the experience would be with him outside of my tummy and to see if my back would be any less sore....Nope!

Late Friday afternoon we decided randomly to go for it. I hurriedly put our things together as Dan fed Isaiah dinner and then we were off. We stopped at the store to grab a few things... well, more like a lot of things. Finally around 7:30 we reached a nearby camp ground, Grand Rogue Camp Grounds. We found a site right next to the river and far away from any other campers as we have a baby, and didn't want to annoy any other campers with crying.

I don't know why i had any doubt that Isaiah would do well. He was great! He played with his ball while Dan set up the tent and i got everything out of our car. It was already 9 when we finally had everything set up so i prepared Isaiah for bed while Dan started the fire. Isaiah didn't take too long to fall asleep which was completely unexpected! I was prepared to fight with him all night long. As i was nursing him i prayed that God would bless Dan and i with a good night and that Isaiah would fall asleep easily for me, and he did! I was so relieved!
I went out to the fire and Dan and i ate our dinner, which was long overdue. We sat in the dark next to our fire and just talked.... well, i mostly ate, and Dan mostly talked; which was perfectly fine with me as i was starving!

It was so fun to sleep together in our tent. Those two Heat Baskets kept me warm all night! Poor Dan had the sheets robbed from him a few times.... i promise it wasn't me, i blame it on Isaiah!
The next morning Isaiah was thrilled to wake up with us both in such an unusual place, he crawled and tumbled all over us and was being so goofy!
Dan made our fire again and we ate breakfast and then went for a long walk. Isaiah discovered rocks for the first time and wasn't too interested in walking much. He kept trying to hold as many rocks in his little hands as he possibly could... which weren't many :-)

We made our way back to our site and eventually all fell asleep again in the tent. We took a very nice much needed nap! Afterward we packed everything back up and headed home.
It was short, but it was perfect. It was so nice to be away from home for a night together. I am in love with my little family. Sometimes i wish that it could just stay like this forever and that Isaiah wouldn't grow up and that Dan and i wouldn't grow old, but the more time we spend together the more love that we share.
So go ahead and grow on up Isaiah, and grow old with me Dan because we have So Much More love to share!

The view from our tent
Blurry... but i think its cute
Thanks for keeping my fire lit! ;-)
I love them!
He looks so grown up :-(
So peaceful.
Showing us his rocks
This is the house we are going to buy.... seriously, isn't it huge, and gorgeous!
I love his goofy side!
His joy is so contagious!
Hopefully we have many more camping memories to come! :-D

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  1. This blog is so much fun! I love it! I am so glad you're documenting your family's life.