Monday, August 23, 2010

beginning of toddlerhood... but not the end of babyhood.

I am now a mother of a toddler.
It is still hard to believe even when i say it over and over to myself.

It has been a month since Isaiah turned 1 years old and a part of me is still holding back. I love that his personality is blooming so fast, but i have found myself trying so hard to soak up the little moments with him that i know could possibly slip from my fingers.
Every morning i fall in love with him all over again. When he wakes up from anywhere between 6 and 8:30 i go into his nursery and carry him back to our bed. Dan is gone by 6 and so its my precious cuddle time with my baby. We lay... and nurse... and cuddle... and it fills me up with so much happiness. It is the perfect beginning to the day. I drown in those sweet sleepy moments with him when i know he is calm and safely nuzzled into my chest... i just want to hold him close and never let him go. Those are the times that he still my little Isaiah Baby.

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  1. Your blog is so cute, Cherith! How do you add pictures to the layouts?? I love how much you love being a Mom. It is so refreshing and encouraging and lovely to hear someone cherish their child the way you cherish Isaiah.