Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Anticipation! (9 days "late')

This has definitely been 9 days of anticipation! I love being pregnant, BUT i am so ready to meet our little one! Every time i feel it moving around, which is quite often, i just long to be holding it in my arms. I want to meet this beautiful creation that God has made inside of me!

I talked with my Midwife yesterday and she reassured me that i am doing fine. Originally my calculated due date was March 27th. I have always measured farther along though and my due date was calculated for the 12th. Although i measured at 40 weeks at my last visit with my Midwife i still have a lot of leeway with my due date. So being 9 days over really is of no concern. I am almost positive though that if i was having my baby at the hospital and had a doctor that they would be pushing me to induce....grrr! Thank goodness for Homebirth! (thank goodness for hospitals, when Needed)

I am feeling really good except for my feet. The soles of my feet are starting to get really tired from carrying so much weight.... and improper footwear which i blame on this warm weather. I have been going on walks every day since my due date. Sometimes a couple times a day. My midwife also suggested that i eat Eggplant to possibly get things going. We had Eggplant Parmesan last night for dinner and last night around 3:30am i am almost positive that i woke up to a contraction. I went to the bathroom and went back to bed and felt nothing else. Last week the same thing happened the night after i wrote my pregnancy update. I felt a couple contractions throughout the night, but they were gone by morning. Maybe i'm just dreaming.....

I think the pressure from everyone was really starting to get to me this past weekend and i felt myself getting pretty emotional. I spent Monday and Tuesday at my moms which i am so thankful for. It really helped to get my mind off of everything and just relax with Isaiah and enjoy the beautiful weather with my nieces and nephews. I think i would be going crazy if it wasn't for this weather!!

So maybe THIS will be my last pregnancy update!!

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  1. Cherry I am so excited for your new baby, and I would love to bring you guys dinner some night and hear all about midwives and home births. So very excited for you!!!!