Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Peepy da Potty!

"Peepy da Potty!"
"Poopy da Potty!"

Yes... those are currently the most popular words coming out of my little guys mouth. If you say it the right way it could be a pretty cool song.... or a chant.

Anyways! Isaiah is doing great as far as potty training is going. He had been seeming so interested in going to the bathroom, and pretend playing that he was going potty. I have never allowed him to even be near the toilet, and so he would seem a little hesitant any time i would set him up on the seat. So a couple weeks before his birthday i went and bought This Potty Chair. I am so glad i didn't get any random potty. The seat is so comfy and i really like that it has the lid. Plus it can be transferred to the toilet very easily, not to mention it takes a snap to clean it! (i personally love Safety 1st products)
Enough with my Mommy Review!!

He loves it and caught on so quickly that i can't even keep up with him. He will randomly pause his activities throughout the day and say "Peepy da potty" or "Poopy da potty!" He will run to the bathroom and before i can even get there he already has his undies pulled down and is sitting patiently on his Throne of Elimination. lol  

I'm so proud of my little guy, he catches on to things so quickly and i love that he does things because he finds the simple joys in them, not because he is going to get something in return or because he HAS to do it. He is learning so fast and i love challenging him to learn new words and explore new activities. Being a Mama of a 2 year old is so much fun.... and i will come stomp on your foot if i hear anyone say something along the lines of "good luck with those terrible twos". Sometimes i feel like its the parents who allow the 2's to be so terrible.... because they certainly don't have to be.

To read why else the #2 has been so big in our house.... stay tuned for my next post!

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