Monday, December 6, 2010

My little Sprout!

When Isaiah was 3 months old i remember very clearly the signs of teething. His gums were swollen, he was very irritable, and he was drooling everywhere! Before his first birthday he had sprouted eight tiny teeth in the front. Since then he has had no action going on. Like every new mom, i began to slowly wonder if there was any underlying concerns... but silly thoughts they were!
About 2 or 3 months ago i bought Isaiah and i matching Baltic Amber necklaces. (If you care to read more about them click HERE.)
Anyways, i was hesitant and not much of a believer. Although, whenever someone would ask what he was wearing, or make a comment like "your son is wearing a necklace?" I would boldly just explain my reasoning and purpose behind it.
I can now say that i have proof that they Work! At least it has for Isaiah! This past weekend i discovered 2 molars popping through the back of his mouth. I couldn't believe it, he hadn't acted any differently! Then on top of that this morning while changing his diaper i was tickling his toes and he while he was laughing i noticed MORE teeth coming through! Aaahh! I gave out a little shriek of joy. Soon after i felt my heart skip a beat.... a lump form in my throat and tears well up in my eyes. Its these little things that really get to me. I can't believe how fast he is growing up. I swear he has shot up an inch or two in the last month as well.
His new teeth are making me feel more comfortable about what he is eating though. I know he can handle more difficult food, which makes preparation a little easier on me.

If i could give any advice to a new mom expecting her first baby it would be to slow down! You'll feel such a need to get back in shape and get your baby all settled into their new home. You'll feel pressure to teach your new little miracle how to roll over, begin to crawl and stand on their own. Those big changes are SO exciting, but they also bring on all new challenges: gates, rails, outlet covers. I imagine it will be more difficult to just sit and soak up the beauty of your newborn when you have other children needing your attention and assistance. So get off the phone, get off the Internet, stay home from that unnecessary outing and just lay with your little one. Kiss those toes, and fingers... because they are only that small once.

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