Sunday, November 28, 2010

Isaiah's Home Birth Story part 1

This is about 16 months over due, but I’m finally getting too it. I realized that I was hesitant to write about it, because I feel like my words wont do that day justice. Words can’t describe how beautiful his birth day was to me… but I will try.

The day I found out I was pregnant was full of surprise. For a couple weeks I had been pretty exhausted and not feeling too well. One night I mentioned to my mom that I never felt good after I ate. She replied, “Are you pregnant?”. “No, no… I’m not pregnant.”  I responded.
I had recently taken a pregnancy test and it was (a false) negative. I decided that I would just check again, to be sure. At that time Dan was working with a company that traveled out of state. It was a Monday, and he wouldn’t be home until Friday. That morning I braved the 3 minute wait alone, and couldn’t believe my eyes when it was positive! I just starred at it for a couple minutes in disbelief. I have always wanted a family, preferably a large one. To get married and have children have always been some of my greatest goals in life, but we had plans to wait a couple years. God knew better, much better as He always does! In His perfect timing gave us, as I like to refer to, as an “angel baby”.

That evening I went over to my mom’s house to hang out for a while and the moment I walked in the door she gave me one look and just knew. We went into her bedroom and I began to cry. My emotions were all over the place… excitement, nervousness, disbelief, and definitely hormones! She just gave me a big hug, started to laugh, and said “I knew you guys wouldn’t be able to wait that long.”
For the next week I thought about how I wanted to tell Dan the big news, because I wanted to wait until he got home, instead of over the phone. At the time I was working at a coffee shop and saw people I knew constantly. It was so hard to keep it a secret, especially because I just couldn’t stop smiling!
I went to pick Dan up the night he came into town, and before we left I asked him what he wanted to do that night. He said he just wanted to go home and relax. I said that was fine, but that I had a present to give him before we left. He opened it up to this. He hesitantly gave me a sheepish thank you… as it isn’t usually a guy-ish kind of gift. After a second look at it he realized what I meant by it, and he said “Are you?” I smiled and nodded. He was so excited! He gave me a huge hug and kiss and jumped out of the car as his friend was walking over and started jumping up and down and yelling “I’m gonna be a dad!” over and over! After he settled down, we went over to his moms house and shared the big news! They were all so excited. His mom responded a lot like he did, it was so cute! Isaiah is their first grandchild, so they were definitely ready for it happen!
Afterwards we went over to my moms house and shared the news with the rest of my family, and 2 of my friends.

The next 8 months were a little crazy. We never intended to get pregnant while living at our current house, and bought it with the intentions of fixing it up and selling it. Life had gotten in the way, and our spare room was still pretty much a mess. Many other things needed to be done, but that was my main project.

I LOVED being pregnant. Every minute of it, even the 18 weeks of evening sickness. Dan would follow me to the bathroom and hold my hair, what a sweet guy! I was always sick in the evening, which was actually a great thing because I worked the Opening shift at the coffee shop, usually alone as well. From 5am to 1pm… so being sick all morning would not have been good.
Oh being pregnant… I loved my belly, my midwifery appointments, and nesting. I felt beautiful, healthy and happy. Ya know when you put on those favorite pair of jeans you own, and they just seem to fit perfectly and it doesn’t matter if your wearing the ugliest shirt in town you’ve got those jeans on! That’s how I felt… like it just fit.

15 Weeks


  1. Ditto what Danielle said! What a beautiful story!