Monday, September 23, 2013

A Home Inside.

The boys just crashed after a busy day and i have a few moments to myself. I have been dying to write in my blog the last couple weeks or months, but we, as a family, are coming off of a very busy Summer and headed into the Fall with a full schedule. Pretty much all of my hobbies have been put in the back seat since Ezra's birth.

Anyways, Speaking of putting things in our back seat... We Are Moving!
I never thought the day would come, but in a few short weeks we will be saying goodbye to our first house of 6 years.
So many emotions have been running through my heart as i have slowly packed up boxes of all. our. stuff.

This house held our first home.

My husband bought this fixer-upper 6 years ago this past July, and spent endless hours preparing it for his Bride. As a Wedding gift to me, he finished our bedroom first. Red, hard wood floors and get the picture. He wouldn't let me see it until we returned from our Honeymoon. Lets just say, I was pleasantly surprised.

We spent the first week back home....remodeling our kitchen. ;-)
We spent the first year of our marriage learning how to be Husband and Wife in our house. (and failing over and over again).
We spent the second year watching my belly grow as God was knitting our baby in my womb. Later that year I gave birth to Isaiah Paul in our living room.
We spent the third year learning all about parenthood. The long nights, endless nursing sessions, exhausted bickering, and indescribable joy filled our house.
We spent the fourth year celebrating yet another child entering our house. I also gave birth to Ezra Jude in our living room.
We spent the fifth year learning to parent 2 boys. Practicing patience. Watching our oldest grow and our youngest fit in.
We spent our sixth year full of endless questions, exciting changes, lessons learned.

It has been a full 6 years for us.... full of love, joy, heartache, anxiety, peace, forgiveness, messiness, hard work, confusion, laughter, disappointment, impatience.....oh, i could go on forever.
Simply put, these walls have been a house for us. They have not been a home. Our home lies within 4 beating hearts that are all intimately intertwined by the grace of God.

I am in love with our home, and i am taking it with us. Which is why i know i wont find it very hard to say goodbye to our house.

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