Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Goals

On Tuesday around 5pm i decided to take a drive out to the beach with my 2 boys. It was a hot day, high 90's and after working for my mom all weekend i felt like getting out and doing something fun.
Isaiah was already in his swimsuit and i had a few diapers and my Moby Wrap, pretty much all we need to have a fun filled evening.
I stopped to grab a bite of food for the road and Isaiah slept on the car ride there. He woke up as soon as we were turning the bend that opens up to the great view of the lake. He was thrilled!
We had so much fun splashing in the waves and kicking sand at each others legs. He ran around in circles for what seemed like forever. Since it was a spur of the moment decision to go out there i didn't have a camera with me, or even my phone. Bummer.
This is the 2nd time we have been out there this summer which makes me SO happy! I love the summer, warm weather and sunny skies, its just the best in my opinion! It got me to thinking about my summer goals.....

~ Have a smashing fun 3rd Birthday party for Isaiah! (in the works)
~ Go on a childless date with my Husband
~ Go to the beach at least 5 times
~ Go Blueberry picking (i went last summer and i'm pretty sure Isaiah ate just as many as i picked, that was fun the following day LOL)
~ Go Strawberry picking
~ Have a garage sale (already in the works)
~ complete 3 different crafts
~ Go to the Zoo
~ Go to Fredrick Meijer Gardens
~ Go on a road trip
~ Run a 5K .... possibly 2.
~ Blog about all of the above!

Hopefully i can accomplish most of those. Its going to be a busy summer as it is another summer of weddings for us! I am so, so excited. I just love watching the ones i love most get married. What a happy time of life!
Dan was in a wedding last month. My sister is getting married on July 4th. Dan is the Best Man in our friend Toms wedding in August. My childhood friend, Michelle, is getting married  at the end of August as well. Her twin sister, Erika, is also getting married 3 weeks later. I am a Bridesmaid in both of their weddings. I feel so honored! I am so excited to celebrate with all of them!

At the end of summer i will come back and see if i've accomplished all my goals. Writing them down usually keeps me a bit more accountable. If you are at all interested in joining me while i do any of those activities feel free! The more the merrier!

Thanks for reading! :-)

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  1. I love setting goals! I'm just really bad at doing them :(

    Have fun this summer! I will be home July 16th-23rd if your in GR let me know!